About us


Our Mission: Making complex purchases easy

mubu is the marketplace for doing business.

Do you need to hire a service? In mubu you can find what you need, we have hundreds of suppliers. You will save hundreds of hours searching, buying and hiring. Your personal advisor will help you to find in a few minutes the supplier that better adapts to your needs.

From mubu we have found the best suppliers for you, we work with the references of each sector. Even so, we continue working day by day to expand our selection of suppliers and services. We want to simplify the way of doing business, thanks to mubu you will be able to have the conversations and quotes of all the suppliers in one place. In addition, we secure your purchases so you can safely contract with suppliers from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our previous negotiation you will be able to close better deals and benefit from exclusive promotions. We also improve your ability to negotiate with suppliers, the union makes the strength.

mubu is born in 2019 under the name MundoAutonomo, as the first insurance comparator for self-employed. In the last quarter of 2020 we changed our name to mubu coinciding with the incorporation of new business lines: mobility, financing and subsidies. Making our way in these sectors was the next logical step to ensure that our customers have at their fingertips thousands of suppliers who can offer them the products and services they need and in the best conditions.

mubu is something unique, something that did not exist until now, we are the first market or showcase for your company. Yes, we said showcase, why? Until now we have told you that we make it easy for you to find suppliers, but what if you are a supplier? Well, we make it easy for you to be part of mubu's suppliers. We open the door to new distribution channels, we introduce you to customers interested in your product. You will sell more and better because you will be part of the first market for companies.

In mubu we keep working to become the biggest market for businesses. And to do this, we will continue with our mission to simplify complex purchases.