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Drive a brand new car

We can provide you quotations of the latest models, you can drive any car of your choosing. Just tell us what do you need; any car specifications or safety features.


Fixed costings and Cost effective

You will have all in one fixed-cost payment which will include the leasing service payment, maintenance, insurance, etc. You will know exactly the monthly cost.

No unforeseen hidden extras, not initial payment nor excess risk.

Low monthly rentals and no initial payments will result in minimal capital expenditure.

You can avoid depreciation risk, which is taken by the vehicle funder, not you.

💰 Is the renting fee fixed?

❌ Can I cancel the contract anytime?

📅 What is the duration of the contract?

VAT Recoverable

100% of VAT recoverable if the vehicle is solely used for business purposes.

Roadside Assistance

24/7 roadside assistance for your vehicle. Breakdown cover.

Balloon Payment

At the end of your agreement you can purchase the vehicle for a fixed price.