How to publish the perfect offer request

Tips and tricks to let providers understand your needs and desires

When you publish an offer in mubu you want the best providers to that offer present their bids. This implies that the more thorough and the more specific your are, the better are you chances to match with the right partner. We give you a few advices to publish the best offers

Key items to consider

  1. The scope of work. Include as many details as possible for potential candidates to consider. Think in terms of a project, outline exactly what needs to be done and include the specific required outcomes. Will the provider need to fulfill any special requirements?
  2. The project’s deadline. When does the service need to be done? Is this a one-time service or an ongoing relationship?
  3. Your budget. How much is this work worth to you? Do you prefer to pay per hour or a set amount for the whole contract or per deliverable? Check out other offer postings on mubu to see how others budget for similar projects. 
  4. How to pay. You must add and verify a billing method before you can hire a vendor.