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Easily find quality providers

Through our forms and templates, publishing an offer with your plans and needs is terribly simple. And if that's not enough, we call you to pick up your requirements to the letter. This is how we ensure that you find the ideal provider.

Just tell us what you are looking for, and our algorithms will show you the best providers. Thanks to a dedicated team of curators and analysts, we scan every provider so you can trustfully choose any of them.And if that were not enough, we offer you directly some products to make it even easier and safer to trade in mubu.

  • How to publish an offer request. Learn more.
  • Being a provider in mubu is like become a navy seal. Only the best prepared end the process.
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Fine tune proposals

At the same time that you discuss the details of what you need with a provider, the rest of the vendors that you decide can receive that information and refine their proposals. In the end you will end up with a contract that fits like a glove.

Forget about sending dozens of emails between your suppliers and the rest of the people involved in the purchase decision. Now everything is in mubu.


Hire the best

Because your plans are unique and you can't trust just anyone to help you carry them out. Only the combination of the power of mubu together with the best companies in the world will allow you to achieve your goals.

We only work with best in class providers for every service and product that we offer. Every vendor needs to pass a complete due diligence before work with us.

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Pay safely

Our system makes it easy for you to make payment on the fly and secure thanks to a secure information exchange. You will be able to set different payment methods linked to the fulfillment of the contract.

And if you are not satisfied we have dispute and mediation services to clarify any liability and compensate the parties.

Make your plans come true

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