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An overview on how mubu help you sell complex stuff

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Find new clients

Present your services to clients who request them. Wear your best clothes and show the best of you to increase your options. There is a world full of opportunities and mubu brings it to you.

The more specific you are in your proposals the more options you have to find a client; and the less time you will waste with prospects with whom you have no choice.

How many hours do you want to work? What time will you reply toemails and return calls? What activities do you want to finish while your kids are busy-1


Letting thm watch age-appropriate shows and movies should give you a burst of focus time so you can finish what you need for work.

Agree on the terms

How many sales have you made with a single email? Although we make it very easy to sell difficult products, surely your client needs to clarify some points of your proposal before closing the purchase.

Through our tools you will be able to work side by side with your future client to adjust the terms of the contract and solve their doubts.


Get hired

Avoid losing a sale at the last minute because of documentation that never arrives or a contract that lacks the client's signature.

Generate, share and get all the contract signatures from one place and in a certified way.

Build your socal media presence-1



Get paid

The more you sell in mubu the more money you have left for yourself and, if you don't sell anything, you don't pay anything. It's that simple. Like everything we do.

You will be able to operate with any client with total confidence thanks to our payment system with optional guarantees. Don't lose a juicy sale because of fear.

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Get qualified leads out of the blue

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